Dealing With Negativity

By Jessica Li

I am an optimist. I love laughing and making others laugh. I love visualizing the outcomes I desire because I think that if you believe, then it will be. I work on being positive about my life and the people in it.

However, a couple of years ago, I met someone who always framed things in a very negative way. You may know this kind of person. They always see lemons and never lemonade. I was usually able to brush it off my shoulder, while still being a friend, listening to him and giving my advice.

But one day, while I was having a fantastic day and felt full of life and energy, I went to see him. The look on his face and his complaining got me down in a second. It was as if an ominous cloud rolled in above, after what was just a bright blue sky without a cloud to be seen. I started to think about my own problems and I felt low.

Being around negative people can easily influence your own moods. So while your support can help someone else, you must be sure to safeguard your own emotional resources as well. Be supportive of your friends and family, but know your limits and make them clear to your loved ones. Women, in particular, tend to take on the caretaker role very fast and can find themselves on a downward spiral as well – which is easy when surrounded by constant negative energy.

Chat with a friend on the phone, have a friends’ night out, do a drop-in fitness class, have an hour of time to yourself without any distractions or any other people, or join a weekly meet-up group. Activities such as these offer you time to disconnect, refresh, keep your own positivity in line, and be the best supporter you can be for your loved one in their time of need.



Jessica Li is a raw vegan chef, certified personal trainer, and owner of Chica Momma Health and Juice Bar and

She is also an advocate for all-round healthy living.


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