Gluten-Free with Amy Sky

By Lisa Cantkier

I recently had the opportunity to interview Amy Sky on my website,, which I founded in order to help others who live gluten-free. In addition to celiac disease, which affects about 1% of North Americans, and gluten sensitivity, which can affect up to 1/3 of North Americans, it has been reported that there are over 55 medical conditions now linked to gluten-free diet recommendations. I suspect that these numbers will continue to grow.

In my interview with Amy, she discussed how her elimination of gluten, due to gluten sensitivity, led to skin and digestion improvements. She also talked about how, after eating gluten, she used to get what she called the seven dwarves: “Sleepy, Dopey, Grumpy, Bloaty, Puffy, Zitty, Chubby.” Amy said when she eliminated gluten, she banished the dwarves. I love this clever analogy!

Amy offers some great tips for gluten-free folks who are new to the diet. For example, she recommends that newbies be careful about hidden sources of gluten such as soy sauce, as many brands contain wheat. You could even consider bringing a small bottle of gluten-free soy sauce with you to restaurants!

You could also “bring gluten-free pasta to an Italian restaurant – many establishments don’t mind cooking it for you and serving it with their own sauce. Although some do cook it in the same water as they cooked their wheat pasta in, so you have to ask.”

One important point Amy makes is that there is a connection between nutrition and mood. “I know that not being able to digest gluten can interfere with the absorption of the small intestine with respect to essential vitamins, minerals and proteins that keep the brain healthy – especially zinc, tryptophan and B vitamins. These nutrients are key to the manufacturing of serotonin in the brain, a deficiency of which can lead to depression.”

You can read my full interview with Amy here:



Lisa Cantkier is a lifelong celiac, health and wellness writer and editor, and holistic nutrition enthusiast. She is the founder of (@GlutenFreeFind) and a co-founder of (@GFreeSmartStore). 

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