Open Heart Journaling

By Lori Bateman

One night I was having a bath and talking to God, when I got an idea.

It had to do with connecting people’s hearts through writing to each other. As a writer and journaler, I am committed to keeping personalized, handwritten letters and notes alive! As I ruminated and thought about this, it struck me that people love to be acknowledged in writing. Like receiving a love letter that you want to read over and over.

I thought about what it is like to try to share our deepest thoughts and feelings with someone and how our sentiments are missed in our translation and we simply don’t say, or can’t say, what is truly in our hearts.

In a journal, the writer has full opportunity to say everything they can think of to someone who is special to them. What a gift! AND for the person receiving, they are presented with a book written specifically for them that is full of acknowledgements, praise, what-I-love-about-you that bursts with sentiment, friendship and love. This act of generosity creates such an intimate exchange between both the giver and the receiver who is now privy to the givers inner thoughts.

Can you think of someone who you could write to today, to acknowledge them for something they have accomplished recently, or to tell them how much you love them as your friend?  Think about how good they would feel after reading your message. Whether you write a few lines or a couple of paragraphs a week as part of their journal, everyone feels so good!

Spread your love, open someone’s heart, then watch the magic happen.


Lori Bateman is a lifelong journaler teaching others how to express their heart. 

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