How I Became a Weekday Vegan

by Terri Catlin

I must confess, I love a good steak.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand the health benefits of reduced red meat, the concerns about antibiotics and hormones in cows and the body’s preference for non-animal fat.  I am aware of factory farming and the horrible conditions in which most animals live.  I understand a lot of things about health and the environment, but sometimes what I know to be good is trumped by a meal that rewards my eyes, nose and taste buds.

Last year, I hit the limits of my adrenal reserves.  After years of pushing myself, I fell into a kind of permanent exhaustion.  I couldn’t work very much, or exercise, or even get out of bed on many days.  (I should tell you that I love work, exercise and being productive.) My doctor could find nothing wrong.  I starting doing my own research and I discovered the value of having a more alkaline diet (as opposed to acidic.)  I was already what most people would call a healthy cook and eater, so I had to figure out how to tip the scales further into the alkaline zone.  I discovered vegan cooking.

This was a whole, new world of non-animal flavour combinations and taste sensations!  I bought books and downloaded recipes and turned my meat-eating husband (a butcher’s son) into a believer!  My energy started to come back and my mood improved.  I was able to be a contributing member of society again!

And then came the siren song of meat.

Now that I felt pretty darn good, I started to feel the allure of the forbidden.  With nervous salivation, I splurged with a fast food meal that included a burger, fries and onion rings and a chocolate shake.  I devoured it and I loved every moment.  I awaited the fatigue and body aches.  And then… nothing.  To my delight, I had discovered the joy of balance.

As long as I eat a healthy, vegetable protein-heavy diet most of the time, I can enjoy previously off-limit foods in moderation.  So we created a rule in our house.  Meat, dairy and (unprocessed) sugar are reserved for the weekends and holidays.  Now we know we’re not missing out on anything, and we feel great!  You could say that we’re having our vegan cake, and eating it, too.


Terri Catlin is an actor and writer with a Vegan wellness and beauty business. 

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3 Responses to “How I Became a Weekday Vegan

  • An excellent article Terri!
    I whole heartedly subscribe to your philosophy on healthy, eating – it’s all about balance!

    • I know with the weather cnhgaing your body wants more warm food but I feel that as long as I eat enough and calorie rich fruits like bananas is not hard. Also I do drink herbal teas, caffeine free. Sometimes I do them myself using fresh organic herbs and that helps me a lot to keep my body warm during winter time. During the next couple of weeks I will have a new post that I’m working on right now, on how to stay raw during the winter and some tips and information I found very interesting to keep warm.Check my blog in the next couple of days and I’m sure the information will be helpful. Have a nice Sunday!

    My sweetheart and I were JUST talking last night about this very issue. We know all the “bad” stuff about meat, yet we love meat…how do we reconcile this?

    Being someone that lives a life of “all in” or “all out” once I commit myself to something, I felt stuck and not wanting to make the commitment for Full Veganism.

    This is an eye opening option. THANKS!

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