How I Made it to the Alter

By Giuditta Gareri

Labeled most likely to be the runaway bride, having run from two prior potential engagements, last year I went from engaged to married within 3 months.

Yes, at 33, after dealing with failed relationships and my father’s death, I managed to pick myself up and create an amazing relationship and take the plunge.  And, the man I married had what most people label “major baggage”, having experienced a failed marriage ending in divorce within one year. How did we beat the odds and end up able to create an extraordinary future?

On our first date, he said he hated people and didn’t trust anyone. I almost didn’t make it to our second date. But instead, I chose to stop listening to my mind chatter and listen to something beyond that. I chose to open my heart and find out who he really was.

Mind chatter is those thoughts that stand in our way of attracting the relationship of our dreams, of bringing our current relationships to new heights, or even keep us stuck in relationships that don’t serve us. “This cant be it – there are no sparks.” “He is too/not enough….”  “It’s not supposed to look like this!” Do you recognize these conversations that we have with ourselves?

Our mind chatter is the thing that stands between us and the love we deserve. It attempts to protect us from pain and disappointment, while at the same robbing us of experiencing the joys of life. When working towards a healthy relationship, follow these simple steps:

1. Notice Your Mind Chatter – Just be aware of it and realize that it is meaningless.

2. Risk 100% – Once you’ve chosen, commit fully to sharing your heart.

3. Be Who You Truly Are – Share your goals and beliefs and stand by them, loud and proud!

4. Be Crystal Clear About What You Want – Make a list of negotiables and non-negotiables and don’t compromise on what really matters to you.

Wherever you are right now is perfect. To move to the next place, do something you wouldn’t normally do. Take new steps and actions. Most importantly, risk your heart! It will lead you to the place you want to be, and beyond.

Giuditta Gareri is a Real Estate Guru, Business Coach, Speaker and Writer.

“Life is Short. Live Your Dreams. Share Your Passions.” 

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