Listen To Your Body

By Tammy Gunn

If you really listen to your body, it tells you all the things it needs. It tells you when you are thirsty, tired, hungry, and it also tells you when you are pushing yourself too hard and when you are not pushing yourself enough. People who become “in tune” with meeting the needs of their bodies tend to live a healthier, happier life. How does someone do that? 

Have you ever noticed when you are walking up a flight of stairs that your thighs may start to get a bit heavy? Have you ever noticed if you turn you neck really fast, you can feel a strain? You may not have noticed these things when they were happening because you didn’t have your attention on them, but later on you felt sore. When you start being present with your body, you can feel the sensations in your body immediately. This allows you to modify your movements as you make them, so that your body can naturally flow – rather than having to modify after an injury.

I teach Zumba, which is a latin cardio fitness dance class that gets you up and moving and burning calories while having fun. In my classes, I have very simple rules to follow for everyone:

1. You CANNOT do it wrong, so go for it and move!
2. Listen to your body – if something doesn’t feel right, do NOT do it! Modify to what feels good for you.
3. Work the muscles on the corner of your mouth as much as all the rest… SMILE!
4. Have FUN! You only live once.

Living by these rules, not only on the dance floor but in life, can really make listening to what your body needs quite simple. Not listening to our bodies leads to injuries, dehydration, starvation, disorders and dis-ease or worse.

Go easy on yourself and turn your internal volume up so you can hear it.

Tammy Gunn teaches Zumba and laughter yoga in schools, corporations and hospitals in Toronto. You can follow her at or

If you would like more information on how you can bring her programs to your workplace or children’s schools, please contact her directly at

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