Step One: Breathe

by Caleigh LeGrand

I am about to change my life with just one word: Breathe.

A constantly busy, neurotically insomniac actor/writer, I haven’t slept like a baby in years (seven, if we’re counting). I wake up every 20-30 minutes and generally hop out of bed after four or five hours of said nonsense. This is one of many things I plan to change in my life. So why not start with the basics?

As an actor, I’ve learned two significant truths: How important it is to remember to breathe; and how awkwardly long I used to subconsciously hold my breath.  In fact, most of us probably use a mere fraction of our lung capacity. As a result, we hinder ourselves from sufficiently supplying our bodies with enough oxygen for crucial systems and functions, including but not limited to our respiratory, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems, as well as our sex drive and performance.  And that’s just to name a few!

We take our most basic necessities for granted. Work, family, financial and social stressors may easily distract us, causing us to ignore our breathing habits and potentially leaving us with fast and shallow breathing patterns.

Try this: Keeping your current posture, take a deep breath in. Great. Now, sit up tall, rotate your shoulders up- and back-ward, breathe into your belly and feel your diaphragm contract. Feel better? Do you give yourself that much oxygen regularly?   The answer is likely a big, fat NO.

You have the ability to change your mind; your emotions; your very being by harnessing your control over your breath. Take one minute each day to bring yourself back down from worry, regret and guilt, and realize that you are fully capable of making your next move – whatever it may be. Sometimes the easiest tasks can seem monumentally daunting.

Take the first step; start with a breath.


Caleigh Le Grand is an actor and writer living in Toronto.

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2 Responses to “Step One: Breathe

  • So true, enjoy so much reading this article. I instantly realized I was holding my breath too. Had to learn to let go sometimes too.

    Thanks for writing!
    Can’t wait to see more of Caleigh

  • I meant to say, can’t wait to see more articles from Caleigh.

    Great Blog too

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