Mind Over Body

By Adele Spraggon

Let me ask you a question…  What if you could effortlessly walk away from all of those actions that are currently between you and your ideal weight?   What if you could step away from the dessert table, the second helpings and the bottle of wine on the counter, without needing to use control and without the constant vigilance required by a diet?  Better yet, what if after you have stepped away you could say with total confidence, I will never return to those actions again?

How is this possible?  Through a unique blending of Eastern Wisdom and Western technique.  Eastern practices are known for resulting in new behaviours.  However, the practices take a very long time and lots of dedication.  Western techniques deliver results fast but rely heavily on control, which make these results temporary at best.  Dieting is the perfect example of a Western technique.

The more you try to control your actions, the less trust you have in yourself and the more disconnected you become from your body.  Therefore, rather than controlling your excess weight, I invite you to see it as an opportunity to reclaim your relationship to self. Seen in this way, those extra pounds become access to the miracle that you are and you become able to fall madly in love with you.

One way to begin is to simply ask your body what it needs in the moment and listen to its response.   Next time you are thinking about eating, simply close your eyes and ask your body what foods it prefers.  Practice listening.  It is remarkable how trustworthy our bodies can be when asked.


Adele Spraggon is a weight loss facilitator who teaches webinar classes for effortless, permanent weight loss. 


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