Naked Reality

By Deborah Dickerson

Recent experiences have led me to believe that there is a reality which underlies our everyday existence that most of us do not experience very often. Last year, I began a daily meditation practice of the Theravāda Buddhist tradition, including a few Vipassana silent retreats here and there. Being in the presence of my thoughts on a committed basis has helped me to see that there is a deeper reality, which goes beyond identity or egoic thinking.

I do not cause these experiences, but rather remove the barriers to this naked reality. During a workshop a few weeks ago, it became clear that my thoughts create resistance to a situation, and then I am not present in a subtle but fundamental way. It is like looking through glass. I can see it, but many times the intimacy or direct connection to the situation is missing. When the glass (thought) is removed, my experience is completely altered.

Since that time, I have seen that it is about being present in my body. There is a sweetness, a way of being with people and experiences, that takes less energy and creates an ease with life. A great way to access this state is through compassion for oneself and others. To allow all of the experience, the feelings and the resistance to however the other is being, is radical. There really is nothing to change because all is impermanent. It will shift on its own.

So where to go from here? For the last month, I have been in an intensive exploration of allowing. I am beginning to see that we live in a very small world, compared to what is possible. Like our planet earth compared to the cosmos. Phew! To think that there is an entire universe to explore in the realm of what reality could be!

Maybe over the next week, you could check in from time to time and see if you are resisting a certain situation. What happens if you explore the resistance? A simple practice to become present is mindful eating without distractions – no reading, talking or watching TV. Being fully present to eating, putting the utensil down in between mouthfuls. What is the experience? What’s the flavor?

Where can you play in being present to naked reality, fully in your body in the moment? Maybe you will even remove the glass or veil between you and life.

06vivostudios_008Deborah Dickerson is a traveler and wanderer who enjoys being in nature. She is very interested in the nature of reality, our view of ourselves and how we make choices in our society. 

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