No Fixing Required

By Natasha Sherman

What if you don’t need to be fixed?  Needing to be fixed implies that something is broken – not whole.  Most of us, if we tell the truth about it, think that we need to be fixed in some way before we can feel whole or “acceptable”.

What if you shifted the context to, “There is nothing about me that needs to be fixed –  and, there are things about how I perceive myself and how I operate that work well and things that don’t”?  You can embrace and nurture the parts that are working and you can explore and transform what doesn’t work in your favor.  Examining it from the context of workability makes it much less personal.

It’s about developing judgment-free awareness, being like a curious professor – looking for clues, things to learn, and places to build on – without anything being wrong.  And our ongoing thoughts, actions and reactions in life are clues for us to follow, to notice, to observe, and to choose what we want to transform.

There could be a behavior that may not serve you or represent you in the way you want to be represented.  How could you transform that without “beating yourself up”?

It is said that we train people how to be with us.  As part of your exploration, it’s worthwhile to check and see what you’ve trained people to expect from you and to examine if it is really serving you.  Again, nothing is wrong; it’s grist for the mill – useful information that can empower you to intentionally, and by design, create what it is you really want.

“Make changes without criticizing the past.  Your future will thank you for it.”  (Unknown)


Natasha Sherman is a Life Success Coach and television host on Princeton Community Television
Life Success Coach
Divorce/Separation/Life Transitions Coach
“Live by Design/Not by Default™”

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