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Welcome to the alive&awake website!   Here's my take on our theme for November & December, The Final Chapter. Make sure you check all 4 new blogs below...

It was 3 years ago this month that we launched this newsletter and website, and it has been such a privilege to provide a forum for so many generous and knowledgeable experts and laypeople alike to share their wisdom and wit. As you know, mental health is an issue near and dear to me, and alive&awake has been an opportunity for me to learn and grow along with you, and to share the music that inspired the newsletter.

alive&awake was a 3-CD journey of hope and healing, and it has now come to an end. Subscribers received a free music download from my albums each month, as my contribution to your wellness journey. This will be the last issue of the newsletter as a forum focused on mental health as I move on to other projects. I will of course continue in my advocacy work with mental health alongside my creative work with music. I am so grateful to have experienced this great resource with all of you, and I will  stay connected with you about my upcoming projects.

In this issue, we complete the newsletter and the year with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from our bloggers. I want to thank Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in particular for their generous partnership. Every month, one of 10 of their busy psychiatrists dispensed sound advice and leading-edge information to our readers. It seems fitting that the last word would come from Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Dr. Ari Zaretsky. 

As Dr. Zaretsky shares a variety of challenges and solutions in dealing with upcoming holiday stress, Dr. Barry Taylor focuses specifically on natural solutions for those creeping blues that come up as the days get shorter. I’ve also contributed a blog on dealing with both the loss of a loved one and appreciating those still with us, and our editor and regular contributor, Terri Catlin, wraps up with a thoughtful and fitting piece on the value of being true to oneself.

Thank you for being a part of this final chapter, and may you continue on the wellness path.


To your health, with love,

05th Nov 2014

Journaling Your Heart’s Desire

By Aaron Sugarman There’s a ton of great evidence — both scientific and anecdotal — pointing to the power of focused journaling. In their book, Younger Next Year: Live Strong, Fit,...

05th Nov 2014

A Gift of Love to the Self

By Matt Vidler Through a regular practice of Qigong (energy cultivation) and Yoga Asana and meditation, my life journey continues to reveal discoveries and mysteries, contemplations and delusions. All of...

09th Oct 2014

Clock-Drawing Test

By Dr. Kenneth Shulman The Clock-Drawing Test (CDT) has become one of the standard cognitive screening tools used around the world. Like all cognitive screening tests, it is designed to detect...

09th Oct 2014

5 Benefits of Melatonin

By Dr. Natasha Turner We’ve read about melatonin leading to better sleep. But did you know that it can also reduce belly fat, lighten your PMS and keep diabetes at...

09th Oct 2014

Relationship to Self

By Natasha Sherman In the spectrum of conversations we have about finding and sustaining great relationships, romantic and otherwise, we often hear, “You have to love yourself first”. It’s like...

09th Oct 2014

Transitioning Seasons

By Deborah Dickerson At this time of year, it’s difficult for me not to be aware of the transition from summer into fall. The daylight is getting noticeably shorter, and...

06th Sep 2014

Types of Talk Therapy

By Dr. Ari Zaretsky In the April edition of alive&awake, I wrote a blog called Therapy FAQs, where I touched on the different types of therapy available.This month, I want...

06th Sep 2014

Fear of Breast Cancer

By Dr. Alexander Mostovoy Breast cancer is the most feared cancer among women. This fear becomes so pervasive that it may manifest itself in time. As one of my patients...

06th Sep 2014

Attracting The One

By Sariel Beckenstein Lisa, a woman in her 30s, came to me for coaching when she realized that she was dating a lot of men, but for some reason seemed...

06th Sep 2014

Avoiding Death

By Rev. Glen Eagle There may be some things in life that you wish were certain, like winning a lottery or meeting the perfect person, but apparently there are only...