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Welcome to the alive&awake website!   Here's my take on our theme for November & December, The Final Chapter. Make sure you check all 4 new blogs below...

It was 3 years ago this month that we launched this newsletter and website, and it has been such a privilege to provide a forum for so many generous and knowledgeable experts and laypeople alike to share their wisdom and wit. As you know, mental health is an issue near and dear to me, and alive&awake has been an opportunity for me to learn and grow along with you, and to share the music that inspired the newsletter.

alive&awake was a 3-CD journey of hope and healing, and it has now come to an end. Subscribers received a free music download from my albums each month, as my contribution to your wellness journey. This will be the last issue of the newsletter as a forum focused on mental health as I move on to other projects. I will of course continue in my advocacy work with mental health alongside my creative work with music. I am so grateful to have experienced this great resource with all of you, and I will  stay connected with you about my upcoming projects.

In this issue, we complete the newsletter and the year with the same high quality you’ve come to expect from our bloggers. I want to thank Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre in particular for their generous partnership. Every month, one of 10 of their busy psychiatrists dispensed sound advice and leading-edge information to our readers. It seems fitting that the last word would come from Psychiatrist-in-Chief, Dr. Ari Zaretsky. 

As Dr. Zaretsky shares a variety of challenges and solutions in dealing with upcoming holiday stress, Dr. Barry Taylor focuses specifically on natural solutions for those creeping blues that come up as the days get shorter. I’ve also contributed a blog on dealing with both the loss of a loved one and appreciating those still with us, and our editor and regular contributor, Terri Catlin, wraps up with a thoughtful and fitting piece on the value of being true to oneself.

Thank you for being a part of this final chapter, and may you continue on the wellness path.


To your health, with love,

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Neurochemical Imbalance

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01st Aug 2013

You Are Not Alone

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