PPD Survivor to Thriver

By Patricia Tomasi

When I tell people that postpartum mood disorder was the key to my kick ass life, they want to know more. When my beautiful daughter, Eva, was born, I began the most exhilarating journey of my life.

Growing up, I developed depression in my adolescence and anxiety and panic disorder in my 20s. I did everything I possibly could to get rid of my suffering. I changed my diet and started exercising, I saw therapists, I went on antidepressants. But none of that got to the root of the problem.

When I got pregnant at age 32, I felt the anxiety welling up. “What’s happening to my body? Is my baby safe? Will labour hurt? Do I have enough money to look after my child? Is my relationship stable enough? Will I be happy?” The thoughts would bombard me day and night. I knew a panic attack was imminent.

Seven months after I gave birth, at 3:33 in the morning, I had my fingers on my pulse and the others ready to dial the phone for an ambulance. Doctors, pills and endless waiting lists flashed before my eyes. “I don’t want this,” I cried. “There’s got to be a better way. I am ready for the truth.” And with those magic words, the miracle happened. Somewhere in my brain of twisted thoughts, a very important message got through. “You are not alone,” said a small, soft whisper.

Somehow I heard it and even more miraculously, listened. I put the phone down and instead of calling the paramedics, I did something I probably could have only done in that moment of desperation: I called on a higher power, the universe, God, angels, whatever was out there to please help me get to the bottom of my suffering and root it out for good.

My eyes turned toward my bookcase to a book on meditation I had purchased when I was two months pregnant. I took it off the shelf and opened it to a phrase that said if I committed to a daily practice, my life would forever be transformed. And it has.

Three months after a steady daily practice of meditation, my physical symptoms completely vanished and, a year later, I did get to the bottom of my suffering and root it out for good. What helped me see, understand and heal from the truth where others had failed? A very ancient, spiritual and scientific method of healing: Chakra Balancing.

I was so amazed and grateful for the opportunity to heal from postpartum mood disorder and the depression, anxiety and panic that had plagued me my whole life, that I vowed to devote the rest of my life to helping and healing others through the wisdom and knowledge I had discovered.

I am not a PPD survivor, I am a PPD thriver. And I believe that in addition to physical and hormonal imbalances, we need to look at the emotional, spiritual and energetic imbalances in order to heal on all levels. And once we’ve healed, we’re ready to manifest our kick ass dreams and live a passionate life!

Patricia Tomasi

Patricia Tomasi is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in mental health. She uses a variety of healing modalities to restore vitality and wellness to her clients including: Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Nutrition, and Life Coaching. She is the author of Kick Ass Dreams: Live a Passionate Life and practices in the Vaughan and Toronto area.

Website: www.kickassdreams.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kickassdreams

Twitter: @KickAssDreams

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