Stop. Drop. Repeat.

By Caleigh Le Grand

Life’s tough enough. Why am I making it harder on myself?

I recently found myself hitting my head against that brick wall we all go to when we feel like giving up. I haven’t been able to see the fruits of my insomnia-inducing labor for a while, so the bricks appealed to me. I started asking myself, “Self,” – and I knew it was me ‘cause I recognized the voice – “what’s the point?” I wanted to give up. Instead, I came up with a plan.

Consider this an emergency procedure protocol in case of potential “What’s the point?” moments or, as I like to call it, my blueprint for becoming a superhuman. When I start to feel like effort is futile and reach out to shake hands with the devil who tells me, “It’s useless,” I am training myself in an immediate step-by-step reaction: Stop, Drop, Repeat.

STOP. Stop reaching out. Stop putting effort into moving myself closer to my villain. Don’t listen to that babbling hoodlum. Look inward. Just stop, you dummy.

DROP. Drop my hand. Put it back by my side. Get back on my side. “Why’d you leave your own team anyway? Who’s gonna be captain if you’re not there? (I’ll give you a hint: no one ‘cause you’re a team of one and that’s a super cool thing.) Drop the negative attitude and don’t add yourself to your own Shoot-Me-Down list – you’ll meet enough people who’ll sign up to do that for you in life.”

REPEAT. Repeat those same words, “What’s the point?”, but this time shoot them in a more appropriate direction. Let me break it down.

When I load my gun with those three negative words, I’ve got a superpower in my proverbial barrel. I’m only hurting myself when I start shooting my gun off while it’s still aimed at my precious ideas, goals and confidence. Instead, I can bust the cap off my green tea, sit back, and blow on it for a while. Step out of my own line of fire. Let the jokers and goblins that I’ve let loose run straight into one another and knock each other out like the idiots they are. Then I can actually answer the question and rediscover the point that inspired me in the first place.

It’s human to have negative thoughts but it’s superhuman to use a negative thought against another negative thought to give yourself a positive one. Science.

I’m not advocating for a life of perfection, but for a life of reflection and growth. I will always be human, but I can turn my experience into something super. Because really, what’s the alternative? What’s the point in giving up? I’m gonna go on living anyway, so I might as well continue to expand and do some stuff while I’m on planet Earth. Get out of my own way. Take a chance. Stop, Drop, Repeat.



Caleigh Le Grand is a Toronto-based actor, writer, photographer, producer and deplorable knitter. Find out why they call her the Mad Hatter…

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