The Gift of Nature

By Deborah Dickerson

Nature. Such a mystery. When was the last time you thought of the nature of yourself, the nature of the earth or the nature of the universe? I engage in the inquiry of what it is to be human. To acknowledge the nature of myself and its amazing intimacy with the larger universe.

I’ve read recently that the atoms that make up my physical body were once the stuff of stars. Given that, you could say that nature is the ultimate recycler! If we are made of star material, what does that say about us and our relationship to the larger universe? It seems that the separation of the observer and the observed, which appears to be self evident, may not be reality. If we are made of the same stuff, then this separation could be an illusion. Experiencing life as interconnected, we might make really different choices than we do today.

I recently made a life shift that allows me to spend time in nature. Being in nature for significant periods of time changes your perspective on life. At least it has changed mine. In nature, everything is taken care of. All of the creatures, grasses and trees are taken care of – they have a place. Is it possible for us to use nature as a mirror for what might work in society? It feels like we are moving further away from this as we create a culture of separateness or other.

Maybe it’s time we shift our focus from trying to succeed in a very unbalanced culture and look for where we can work together to move toward a new way to look at life. Maybe spending time in nature will give us clues toward our own experience of balance.



Deborah Dickerson is a traveler and wanderer who enjoys being in nature. She is very interested in the nature of reality, our view of ourselves and how we make choices in our society.

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