The Vow of Smilence

By Patricia Tomasi

When I quit my corporate job to follow my kick ass dreams, I could never have imagined the opportunities that would come my way, simply because I wasn’t afraid to take a leap of faith and follow my heart.

Deep down, I always loved writing, the arts, and spirituality. I ended up in a conservative, benefits-for-life, well-paying, desk office job – my parents’ dream, but not mine. At age 36, I quit and have been living a passionate life ever since.

I authored my first book, Kick Ass Dreams: Live a Passionate Life, started my own Holistic Healing practice at, and my own web series called, what else, Kick Ass Dreams TV. With faith, perseverance, dedication, discipline and, above all, effortless joy, I have created the life of my dreams simply because I chose to think differently.

The power of manifestation lies in our ability to reprogram our subconscious. In the first seven years of life, we create our beliefs and habits, which we carry with us into adulthood. For 95% of the time, we operate on our subconscious default system. That is why our sibling or friend might turn to us and say, “You’re just like your father,” or, “That’s something your mother would say.”

How do we come into our own? Through mindfulness and conscious awareness. How do we achieve this? Through holistic healing methods such as yoga, meditation, qigong, life coaching, reiki, chakra balancing and balanced nutrition. I am living proof that you can change your world.

Try this simply exercise today. It’s one I give to my clients, called “The Vow of Smilence.” From the second you open your eyes in the morning and throughout the day until the moment you close your eyes and go to sleep at the end of your day, keep a smile on your face. (It doesn’t have to be a big one but it can be.) Watch your thoughts change from judgmental, worrying, critical and negative into acceptance, joy, optimism and inspiration. This is a great exercise to help you to start becoming mindful of the thoughts that run through your mind throughout the day. It’s the first step in changing your thoughts, reprogramming your negative patterns, and transforming your life into a kick ass journey of unlimited possibilities!


Patricia TomasiPatricia Tomasi is a Holistic Health Practitioner specializing in mental health, using a variety of healing modalities including Chakra Balancing, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Qigong, Nutrition and Life Coaching. She is the author of Kick Ass Dreams: Live a Passionate Life, and practices in the Vaughan and Toronto areas.            

Twitter: @KickAssDreams

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One Response to “The Vow of Smilence

  • Thanks for your article which I enjoyed especially the vow of smilence which I shall take everyday . I have creared the One minute smilence as a way of people taking a minute a day to smile and appeciate the goodness of life. Thanks again and may the smile follow you all day!

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