Trusting Your Gut

By Jody Aberdeen

Robert Pirsig, author of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, once wrote that, “The world’s biggest fool can say the sun is shining, but that doesn’t make it dark out.”

I come back to this saying whenever I encounter skepticism about my spiritual beliefs and practices. My critics often don’t go after the beliefs necessarily – because they’ve already ruled them out in their minds as pseudoscientific at best, just plain bonkers at worst – but rather the people and industry behind them.

Indeed, religion, spirituality and the personal development industry alike have had their black marks, from all sorts of scams to even the deaths of participants in some cases. When you read about incidents like these, you’re less inclined to believe the next person who comes along talking about the Law of Attraction, manifesting, etc. And it’s understandable. Who wants to be associated with snake oil?

So why do I still believe? Because in my direct, individual experience, my beliefs work for me, no matter who else is talking about them.

Not every Muslim is a terrorist, not every Christian pickets funerals, and not every personal development practitioner is a fraud or a simpleton. You should always rely on your own discretion and reason to determine who and what you buy into, but I’m going to add one more faculty to that list: your gut.

If you’re looking for coaching and guidance, trust your gut. I call that feeling “resonance”, which means you’ll know and feel what rings true for you when you hear it. Take everything about the new coach or practice or product that works for you, and ignore what doesn’t.

Whatever truth you seek will always reach you, sometimes through the people you’d least suspect.


Jody Aberdeen is a writer, actor, speaker, and coach committed to personal growth.

He is the leader of the Toronto Wordslingers Guild and his debut novel “Convergence” is now available.

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