What Inspires You?

By Tammy Gunn

For many years I wasn’t sure how to answer this question.  I didn’t feel very inspired by much, if anything.  I went from job to job, looking for that thing where I could shout, “THIS IS IT!  I am so happy and will stay working hours after I need to because I love this sooooo much!”

That never happened.  At least not by working a “job.”

While I have enjoyed many jobs I have had along the way, and have learned many skills that will come in handy – from serving tables to booking appointments to  setting up charitable or not-for-profit organizations, I had yet to find that thing that had me completely inspired.

I started to think about what I love.  When I saw that who I am is someone who loves to be physical and make a difference for others, the solution to my “what inspires me?” question became evident.  I am committed that people have a clear path to reducing their stress and to be able to have fun just feeling alive!

This past year, I took this passion and created a company called the Live OUT LOUD Movement.  This company exists as the first provider of movement classes designed specifically to cater to schools, hospitals and businesses.  The primary goal is to provide stress relief and compassion to our clients.  We teach people to dance and have fun! (And they don’t need to know how to dance!)

Right now, our main focus is using Zumba, a latin cardio fitness dance that is currently sweeping the world.  When you can hear and feel a rhythm begin to dance through your body, you can begin to feel the stress of your day melt right off you.  When you can be with others who can feel that rhythm too, and you all begin to smile and sway, life can become pretty grand.

I didn’t find my inspiration right away, but being open and learning new things, thinking about what inspired me and keeping my focus on finding that thing led me to a way to find and express my joy. Never give up on looking for what inspires you… you may find it when you least expect it!


Tammy Gunn teaches zumba in schools, corporations and hospitals in Toronto.
You can follow her at tammygunn.zumba.com or liveoutloudmovement.wordpress.com

Contact her directly if you would like more information on how you too can have her programs in your workplace.

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