Where There is Great Love

By Miriam Hawley and Jeffrey McIntyre

While all of us may not currently be in an intimate relationship or partnership with one special person, we all are connected, associated or involved with other people at home, at work and in our communities. We usually feel more joyful and productive in our lives when our relationships are honest, respectful and caring. The good news is that we get to choose how we approach any relationship.

If you take a stand for honesty, respect and caring, then you are empowering yourself and the relationship—especially through challenging times. In such trusting relationships, challenges present rich opportunities for growth.

In your partnerships, do you have a clear sense of how you contribute to each other’s growth and to each other’s leadership roles in the world? Do you regularly give thought to how grateful you are for your partner? Do you acknowledge her or his contributions to the relationship? Do you acknowledge yourself?

Providing soul support to your partner means consciously creating a viewpoint from which you see the other person as an extraordinary human being. This viewpoint is not true or false. It is a view beyond just loving the other person; it is a view that always keeps them in your thoughts and spirit as being and doing their best in any situation. We experience being grateful simply for their being a part of our lives.

Relationships are at the heart and soul of our lives. Business, life and love flow more easily when we attend, moment by moment, to our relationship with ourself and with all the others we encounter on a daily basis. The practices of listening actively and speaking clearly and truthfully ensure joyful and productive relationships. In these times, where technology is so central to most of our communications, make sure you create time to meet face-to-face. There is no substitute for sitting together for a meeting or a family dinner. Relationships are meant to be enjoyed and cherished!

“Where there is great love, there are always miracles.”


Miriam Hawley and Jeffrey McIntyre are CEO and President of Enlignment, Inc., a business coaching and consulting company. They co-authored You and Your Partner, Inc.: Entrepreneurial Couples Succeeding in Business, Life and Love.  www.youandyourpartnerinc.com

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