Why Bother?

By Jody Aberdeen

Why bother making the bed in the morning?  It’s just gonna get unmade again.  As questions go, this one’s very common.  Why change the oil?  Why shave?  Why mow the lawn?  We’ll just have to do all it again later.

We do it because of function: unmaintained machines break down, and we need them because they serve us.  We do it because of aesthetics: a mowed lawn and a made bed both look prettier; shaving makes us feel more attractive and comfortable.

Most of all, we do it because of our preference for order. We see it from the personal – lawns, beds, cars – to the societal – governments, laws – to the divine – religions, morals, spirituality.  True, many of the greatest figures weren’t the cleanest or the tidiest, nor do the tidiest necessarily rank among our greatest hearts and minds.  But everyone aspires to a better version of their lives, and to manifest that vision, we must cultivate the mental discipline we need to make it happen. Boring chores help train our minds.

What can you do today to start cultivating mental discipline?  It can be as easy as making your own bed.


Jody Aberdeen is a writer, actor, speaker, and coach committed to personal growth.

He is the leader of the Toronto Wordslingers Guild and his debut novel “Convergence” is now available.


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